Little King

Slowness / Little King 

From their debut release Hopeless but Otherwise (EP) 

« Slowness is a drone-pop trio from San Francisco that formed in 2008 in a big living room just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. The group enlisted Monte Vallier at Ruminator Audio as producer for their debut EP, Hopeless but Otherwise and toured the U.S. during the summer, 2010. The band is currently recording a follow-up EP, on which Sean Eden, formerly of Luna, will add guitars. Slowness is booking a European tour for June, 2011 to support the soon-to-be released For Those Who Wish to See the Glass Half-Full… — Slowness MySpace »

« San Francisco drone-pop trio Slowness’ debut EP trudges through new millennium city streets and silicon valleys with songs about love and war and all that’s fair in a world of hypnotic rhythms and layered guitars, harking back to a time of disintegration and transient noise-bursts, yet moving ahead way out west to the edge of the continent for a post-apocalyptic sunset. — Music Is Amazing » 

Stream Hopeless but Otherwise from Slowness MySpace, read an interview with the band on NWshoegazing and/or visit SlownessMusic, the band’s official site.

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During the month of March, Slowness is giving Hopeless but Otherwise away in high quality, variable bit-rate MP3 free of charge. Go to SlownessMusic, click the Music link at the top of the page, then the CDbaby Buy the Album link (must be registered with CDbaby).

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