Lost at Sea and Never Coming Back

Radere / Lost At Sea, I’m Never Coming Back 

From the basic_sounds netlabel release of the same name 

« Radere is the nom du plume of Carl Ritger, a Philadelphia-based sound artist who constructs dense drones and flickering ambiences from found sounds and heavily treated guitar loops. Lost At Sea, I’m Never Coming Back marks his first recorded work since A Season In Decline – his well-received sophomore effort for Full Spectrum Records – was released at the end of last year.

Inspired by a pair of field recordings captured during a trip to the shore, Lost At Sea… opens quietly, with softly billowing drones and wind-like currents moving through the mix. The piece gradually builds to a roaring crescendo before melting away to reveal a beautiful lattice of sparkling guitar loops and hauntingly delicate atmospherics. With Lost At Sea…, Ritger has managed to capture the illusion of being submerged beneath the sea: adrift, but at peace. basic_sounds is honoured to share this musical triumph.  — basic_sounds »

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Download Lost at Sea… from the Internet Archive 

CC BY NC ND 3.0 *

(Source: basicsounds.ca)

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