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Boonville (2007-2008)
Timothy Briner was born in 1981 in Chesterton, Indiana and currently lives in Brooklyn. He is the recipient of the Hallmark Institute of Photography Grant and this project, Boonville, has been supported by Cannery Works. Publications including the “Collectors Guide to Emerging Art Photography”, “Pause, to Begin” and numerous small town newspapers have catalogued his travels across America. Briner grew up in a small town in Indiana and uses his memories as inspiration for this project that weaves the images of six small towns into “Anytown, USA”. He spent a year traveling from Boonville, New York to Boonville, California making stops in Boonville, North Carolina, Missouri, Indiana and Texas. He would initially camp out or stay in a low budget motel and hang out at the local watering hole until he found someone that would offer free lodging and an entry to the community. From there he would spend about a month or month and a half getting to know the citizens of the town and photographing them and their landscape. The result is a sensitive body of images of the people that exist coast to coast. For more on this series, see this excellent interview with Briner on Too Much Chocolate.
Feature Shoot

Darren Harper / Wind Thru Glass 

From the self-released Suspended Memory 

Dusty drones, fractured textures, broken loops, and micro tones pulled forth from guitar, synthesizer, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, kalimba, and field recordings.

Darren Harper has appeared in a number of mixes I’ve posted to this Tumblr, notably Ambientblog’s Invisible Ink, Harry Towell’s Marooned (Volume One), LowLight’s Thru the Field, Frequent Sync’s Garden Level 1, Muttley’s Ships Close to Port, J’écoute’sWhispers and Hums, and most recently with Lattice from his Earth mantra releaseWhispers.

« Darren Harper is an ambient and electronic musician hailing from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in Nederland, Colorado, USA.  Darren began his journey into electronica as a psychedelic trance and ambient producer early in the new millennium as half of the improvisational ambient noise duo Holomovement.  He has released solo psytrance music on Ektoplazm Records, and has also participated in a collaborative ambient project called Frequent Sync, with fellow Earth Mantra artist Jacob Newman. — Bio »

Download Suspended Memory from Bandcamp 

CC BY NC ND 3.0 *

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